As a company, we are very active in the automotive industry. We do this under the moniker Arrotex.
Arrotex is a sister company of Binding factory Devos and represents the same values: quality, quick delivery and 100 % Belgian.

Our products are currently used throughout the world by all leading OEM’s.


Our elastics for the automotive industry are all flame retardant. There are many different possibilities when it comes to type and width.

Tubular binding

Our tubular webbing is available in various widths and is used in the automotive sector.
Besides our tubular woven tape, our customers also use our folded list pocket.

Seam tape

Our products (non-woven, list pocket, cotton, coating tape and twill tape) supplied in the automotive sector are all cut or produced to the width required by the customer. These tapes are used in finishing e.g. a car seat, dashboard, armrest,… under a seam.

Handles strap

Tyre or elastic band to hold something such as spare wheel or exhaust system. Web strap can also serve as a gripping device to open something. Can be either in rolls or a specific length.

Luggage net

Luggage net

The luggage net is used in the side of the case to store things. Is available in different models.

Airbag tape

Web strap used in airbag restraint systems.

Side airbag tape

The polyester twill ribbon has small holes that make it easy to fold the ribbon into 2.

Hook & Loop FR

Fire-retardant Velcro (Hook and Loop) that complies with (FAR) Section 25.853 (b) and FMVSS 302. Our premium FR Velcro is also available with a pressure-sensitive FR adhesive.

Cord parcel shelf

Cord parcel shelf

The cord serves to carry the hat shelf. Different options.

Grab handle

Grab handle

The handle is possible in different widths and models.