Bias and straight binding

Every year, millions of metres of fabric roll through our machines. When we talk about fabrics, we differentiate between straight fabrics and diagonal fabrics (also known as bias, bias binding or bias ribbon).

Straight binding:
We have a very large stock of straight fabrics. All kinds of qualities and materials are available, in very diverse colours. We also do a lot of contract work, where we process the fabrics provided to us by the customer.

Diagonal fabric – Bias binding:
For the production of bias binding, the straight fabric is put at an angle. This way, the fabric becomes more elastic. This elastic fabric is used for finishing rounded shapes. We always sell our bias ribbon on roll. If so desired, we can supply our bias binding in piping cord or folding.

Our different types of bias and straight binding, available in every width.

What is bias ribbon or bias binding?

Bias is a word that not a lot of people are familiar with. Nevertheless, we all see and use it on a daily basis, without realizing it.

In the world of textile bias, bias binding or bias ribbon is a very common and necessary material. Bias comes from the French word for diagonal. It is therefore self-explanatory that this is a diagonal thread.

Why do we need a diagonal thread (bias) instead of a straight thread?

An important question that a lot of people ask themselves is: why do we need a diagonal thread (bias) instead of a straight thread? It’s quite simple.

A straight fabric is not elastic and cannot be stretched. Trying to make a round shape with a non-elastic fabric will lead to problems, it will created folds and creases. The resulting shape will never be fully round, but rather a polygon with many sides.

This straight thread is put at an angle of 12°, 38° or 45°. We do this with many sorts of materials, such as cotton, polyester cotton, vilene, polyester satin, non-woven … This way, we create bias binding or bias ribbon.

By making an elastic binding (read: elastic bias), we can easily border round shapes. Think of parasols, lingerie, children’s clothing, table cloths, car seats, carpets …

Which widths are available for our straight binding and bias binding?

Since we produce everything on the customer’s demand, our bias ribbon is available in every width, depending on the customer’s wishes.

Which colours are available for our bias ribbon?

We offer our bias in many different colours, please consult our colour chart to see them all.

How do we deliver our bias binding to our customers?

We always start with bias on a roll. This is subsequently cut to size, resulting in bias binding on discs.

What extra actions are possible with our bias ribbon?

If so desired, we can supply our bias binding in piping cord or folding. You will find more info on the corresponding pages.

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