Twill binding – Twill ribbon

Twill binding, twill ribbon or herringbone binding are all different names for this woven binding. Twill binding is made out of cotton or polyester. We sell twill binding on rolls. The most common widths are: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 50 mm. The available colours for twill ribbon are black, white and ecru.

What is twill binding?

Twill binding is a woven binding that is used for different applications. Because twill binding is very sturdy, it is often used to attach drapes and cables to objects. Nowadays, twill ribbon is also used as reinforcement alongside edgings and seams.
During the corona crisis, 10 mm twill ribbon is often used for making masks.

Which widths are available for our twill binding?

Since we produce everything on the customer’s demand, our twill ribbon is available in every width, depending on the customer’s wishes. Of course, we do have some standard sizes in stock.

Which colours are available for our twill ribbon?

Our twill binding is standard available in 3 colours: ecru, white and black. If you need a specific colour, this is of course also possible.

How do we deliver our twill binding to our customers?

We normally supply twill ribbon on rolls.

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